Denman Island, BC


Denman Conservancy Association

Douglas Fir at Boyle Point

Land Trusting is a movement rooted in the idea of conservancy. Land trusts and conservancy associations are community-based private corporations that are dedicated to the protection of special areas. The focus is on preserving lands from damage or destruction due to inappropriate development. Lands are chosen for conservation based upon their natural or ecological uniqueness, their historical importance, and their recreational and scenic beauty. Most land trusts purchase parcels funded by donations big and small.

Denman Island's population has doubled in the past decade. This underscores the increased need to save substantial parklands. The Denman Conservancy Association is a volunteer organization formed to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of our human and natural environments. Forests and other natural habitats are being saved and set aside as sanctuaries. With your help the Conservancy can continue to enrich the lives of islanders and visitors for generations to come.

Recently, the Conservancy made a major contribution to the purchase by the Province of a 134-acre ancient ecosystem called the Lindsay Dickson Nature Reserve. In addition, a beautiful 147 acres in the middle of Denman Island was purchased in September 2006 and is now known as Central Park. The Conservancy has also bought a 6-acre parcel on Chickadee Lake, the largest body of open water on Denman Island and headwaters for the salmon-bearing Beadnell Creek system. This area is an essential travel corridor and habitat for a variety of nesting and foraging waterfowl. To the east, it joins with an 80 acre piece of Chickadee Lake foreshore that the Conservancy hopes to conserve.

Become a member of the Denman Conservancy Association:

If you would like to become a member of the Conservancy, or make a tax deductible donation, please mail your cheque or money order to the address below.

  • Regular member (DI resident) $10.00
  • Associate member (non-resident) $10.00
  • Junior member (under 16) $2.50
  • Business member $100.00
  • Life member (gift of land or….) $2000.00

The Denman Conservancy has charitable tax status, Please make your cheque payable to "Denman Conservancy Association".

The Secretary
Denman Conservancy Association
Box 60, Denman Island, B.C.
V0R 1T0

For more information about the Conservancy, please visit their website.