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Denman Deer at Door by Jean FerryDenman Island Deer at Door

Denman Island Conservancy


We Denman Islanders treasure the natural beauty of both the flora and fauna that surround us. In the hopes of preserving much of what the island has to offer, both to ourselves and our many visitors, the Denman Island Conservancy Association was founded in 1991 by a group of volunteer community members.

 Denman Island Conservancy Association LogoThroughout the years, the Association has successfully achieved many goals in this regard. Here’s a summary…



  • Conservation Covenants placed on Komas Bluffs and Railway Grade Marsh and
    156 acre Settlement Lands acquired by DCA
  • Central Park property bought by DCA
  • Morrison Marsh Property Preserved
  • Lindsay-Dickson Forest Preserved
  • Winter Wren Wood property purchased in 2000
  •  Inner Island Nature Reserve


Denman Island Waterfowl HabitatSwans in the Mist on Denman IslandHost Stump on Denman IslandCliff View on Denman Island






Sunset Tree on Denman IslandForest Glade on Denman Island

Denman Island Flora 






Denman’s Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterflies

Another initiative of note was the Conservancy’s discovery in 2008 of the only known population in Canada of the endangered species of Taylor’s Checkerspot butterflies on the Settlement Lands. They have subsequently been found on our Central Park property and the Railway Grade Marsh covenant area, as well as on some private land.
 Denman Island CheckerspotsDenman Island Checkerspot ButterflyDenman Island Taylor's Checkerspot