Denman Island, BC

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There are many reasons why Denman Island real estate is a sound investment. In addition to the excellent financial value, our friendly community and proximity to nature and urban centres make Denman perfectly suited for permanent relocation or setting up that special vacation getaway. From Boyle Point Park to Sandy Island Park, there are beautiful Island properties waiting for just the right owners.

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Our Local Real Estate Professionals:
Coast Realty Group Denman & Hornby Islands

When it comes to real estate on Denman Island, Don Luckett and Sylvie Schroeder form a comprehensive team of Real Estate Professionals that provide unparalleled local knowledge and expertise. They are both long term residents of Denman Island and work exclusively on Denman and Hornby. Well-established and leading sales, Don and Sylvie are the islands' first choice for responsible and effective results. Their caring attitude, honest approach and full disclosure create many lasting friendships with clients.

Don LuckettAs Denman Island's longest established Resident Realtor, Don Luckett attributes his continuing success to a combination of both local market knowledge and personal and professional qualities that inspire a sense of confidence and comfort in those he assists. Don is an award winning Realtor who has been conducting business exclusively on Denman and Hornby Islands since 1994. His full Real Estate Brokers License also includes Licensed Property Management.

Don has many passions in life and serves the community as Fire Chief of the Denman Island Volunteer Fire Department, and as a licensed First Responder, attending to emergencies on Denman Island with care and experience 24/7.

Sylvie SchroederWhen Sylvie Schroeder moved to Denman Island in 1998 from Langley, B.C. with her husband and three children, she realized that it was one of the best decisions she'd ever made. Real Estate was a natural transition for Sylvie, who had worked for the past many years as a Flight Attendant, Customs Officer, P.E. Teacher, and Officer/Instructor with the Coast Guard. Over 30 years of experience working with the public has given her valuable insight into people, and combined with her warm personality, this makes a perfect combination for the world of Real Estate.

Sylvie believes that whether you are buying or selling a home, establishing a good working relationship with someone you trust makes all the difference in your Real Estate transaction. Being a Realtor doesn't only mean that Sylvie uses her knowledge and expertise to help you buy or sell your property, but also that she takes the time to get to know you and help you discover the islands and their communities.

Don and Sylvie's office on Denman Island is conveniently located just beyond the top of the hill after disembarking off the ferry. This central location is on the road to the Hornby Island ferry and is the perfect first stop (next to the Island Tme Café) for everyone interested in Denman Island real estate and Hornby Island property.

If you are considering buying or selling real estate on Denman Island or Hornby Island, please call Don or Sylvie at 335-3119 (local) or 1-888-297-4084 (toll free), or visit their popular website:

Thinking of moving to Denman? Download the Denman Island Relocation Guide »