Denman Island, BC


Denman Island Facts

We have assembled the following information to provide you with a snapshot of Denman Island; it's history and general facts.

Denman Island logger Joe Fitzgerald, logging at Henry Bay, 1909.

Denman Island History

  • First Nations used Denman Island as a summer fishing location.

  • Captain Richards named Denman Island in 1864 after Rear-Admiral Joseph Denman, while the former was conducting marine surveys for the British Admiralty in the Comox area.

  • Japanese settlers established themselves at the south tip of Denman Island at the turn of the century.

  • The General Store was built in 1908; the Community Hall was built in 1912.

Chief Andy Frank

Chief Andy Frank was born on Tree Island (Sandy Island Marine Park) in 1906. He used to joke about being born in the "Tree Island hospital". Chief Frank was a respected and effective diplomat between pioneers and the aboriginal people. As hereditary chief of the Comox Band, he made every effort to keep his culture current by teaching the younger generations all he knew about the legends of the West Coast native peoples.

He is fondly remembered for his stories about the intricately carved masks worn during his ceremonial dancing. Chief Andy Frank and family were considered honored guests at many of the Denman Island Women's Institute summer gatherings. He died from complications due to an unfortunate accident at Fin Island, near Hartley Bay, about 80 miles south of Prince Rupert, BC.

Denman Island's First Ferry

The first government ferry between Denman Island and Vancouver Island was christened the "Catherine Graham" in 1954. This ship replaced the "Moniker" that had been operating since 1935 by independent contractors. The namesake of the new ferry was a seventeen-year-old Denman Island resident, who had been born, a tiny 3-pound baby girl, aboard the "Moniker", during a bitterly cold night on January 15, 1937.

General Island Facts

  • Denman Island is 5 km wide (Denman Rd.) and 19 km long

  • Emergency phone numbers:
    Police, Firehall, Ambulance: 911
    Denman Health Clinic: 250-335-2260

  • First ferry leaves Denman Island at 6:40am; last ferry off Denman Island is 10:40pm. See Getting Here for more information about the ferry schedule and rates.

  • Updated Denman Island tide charts.

  • There is one ATM cash machine on Denman Island, located at the General Store.