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Natural Bench in Denman Garden by Chris LuckettNatural Bench in Denman Island Garden

Home & Garden Tour


Denman Island’s biennial Home & Garden Tour  is a much-anticipated highlight of the Spring season in the Gulf Islands. Back for 2017, this year’s tour promises to be as colourful & fascinating as ever before, with some exciting new additions as well as some beloved favourites!


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23rd Home & Garden Tour Dates

Saturday & Sunday

June 10th & 11th, 2017

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Renowned for its many unique and unusual homes as well as its many truly spectacular gardens, Denman abounds in amazing architecture, beautiful flower and bountiful vegetable gardens.

Visitors are catered to in every way. Meals are  available in Denman Village when you need a break between viewing properties on either side of the midway point. Early Bird tickets will be available March 1st at www.denmanconservancy.org for $18 until May 15th. Full Price tickets for $20 will be available in advance after May 15th from many outlets on Vancouver Island from Nanaimo to Campbell River. Should you wish to purchase them on Denman, the Community Centre will offer ticket sales as well as maps and further details on featured homes.

 Denman Island Conservancy Association LogoAs a fundraiser for the non-profit organization, the Denman Conservancy Association, all proceeds from this fascinating tour go towards preserving unique, environmentally sensitive and historically important parcels of land on the island.



Here’s the list for 2017…


  • Des & Sandy Kennedy, 1670 Pickles Road  
  • The handcrafted homestead is like something from a fairytale; an oasis of beautifully designed and lovingly tended gardens amidst old growth forest.


  • Linda & Glen Pollit, 1796 Dalziel
  • Meander down through the old growth forest, past the dried-up creek bed and find yourself in a meticulous yet magical garden. The flowing contours of the low box hedges, the huge variety of plants, the lilies, the roses and the backdrop of the Coast Mountains make this garden a jaw dropper. The driftwood gazebo, the shady seating area, the vegetable garden and the sun drenched centre are all distinct rooms created with an eye for elegant detail. If you have visited before, notice how the new gravel paths enhance the garden. P & T both close by at Fillongley park.


  • Annie & Hamish Kimmins, 1225 Lacon Rd.
  • Designed home, recycled timber from railroad bridges, Japanese maples, lavender experiments. 


  • Corlan vineyard, 8441 McFarlane Rd.
  • Bathroom and Picnic AreaThis property was a forest ten years ago when Pat and Selwyn bought it with true pioneering spirit. Now it is Denman’s only certified organic farm and vineyard. They are most passionate about the grapes as they are ever changing, through pruning in winter to bud break to fruiting. The grapes are also the reason for their ‘picking parties’ in the fall, an excuse to put on a big harvest meal to thank their hard working friends and neighbours. Although the grapes take the starring role, the couple also produces an abundance of food and sell their seedlings at the local farmer’s market. They have heritage Clun Forest Sheep which provide organic manure and a very picturesque scene. The buildings were all built from lumber harvested from the land and milled by the owners. Be sure to visit the winery and tasting room… for obvious reasons.


  • Anne deCosson and Larry Berg, East Cider Apple Orchard, 2831 East Rd.
  • Bathroom, Picnic AreaWelcome to East Cider Apple Orchard and the home of Anne and Larry. Wander through the orchard with 80 different apple varieties and have a look at the trusted and true yet brand new Austrian apple press and try some delicious juice! Anne and Larry came to the land 38 years ago and found a forest that engulfed some old apple trees. Inspired by these old giants they set out on their own orchard mission that has grown and matured along with their home and garden. The orchard, home and vegetable garden are all open for visitors.


  • Sam and Emily, Two Roads Farm, 1536 Northwest Rd.
  • In just a few years this dynamic couple have established a productive farm with gardens, greenhouses, pigs and chickens. Learn about their model of organic intensive market gardening and their smart greenhouse construction and tomato trellis system. Visit the farm animals, check out the walk-behind tractor and buy vegetables and sausage rolls at the farm stand. The house is not on display but there wll be a model of its unique construction, a technique primarily used in industrial buildings. In- depth tours of the farm start at 10am, noon, 2pm or 4pm, but stop by at any time.


  • Tim Jeffereys, 1428 Lacon Rd.
  • Outhouse Serendipity brought Tim to Denman Island 6 years ago and within a month he was in love. With the luck of the open-hearted he found a place to create a tiny home and enact his permaculture experiments. He has created an exuberant garden with a flourishing self-seeding perennial polyculture full of edible flowers, green and vegetables. Chickens, pigs and geese help him fertilize and prepare the soil and they are an important part in his garden’s succession from pasture to food forest. Tim’s tiny home is a co-creation with a local cabinet maker and it features rounded shapes, big windows and an open floor plan. An inspiration for simple living, this tiny house is off-grid, has a small footprint and is an automatic generosity accelerator – you just keep on giving things away.


  • Carol and John Ralston, 5189 Chrisman Rd.
  • In this woodland garden you will find a wide selection of plants that thrive in the dappled shade of the mature trees surrounding the property. Carol and John have propagated a lot of their own plants using seeds as well as cuttings. Their garden seems to be ever expanding. The hand-crafted greenhouse and potting shed is an inspiration for anyone who is dreaming of a warm shelter for their plants. Make sure to venture round the house to see the semi-wild garden cascading down the cliff and the solar-heated swimming pool. 
  • Rick and Ann Paisley
  • When the property next to an old school friend on Denman Island became available, Rick and Ann knew their escape from the city was there. Lifetime lovers off all things ocean and garden, they had their home beautifully designed to focus on Baynes Sound out front and the whimsical garden out back. This beautiful West Coast timber home brings the beach indoors with all sorts of interesting treasures from years of kayaking trips. The full and wild-looking courtyard garden is especially impressive as it is unfenced, on a slope, sits on rocks and clay and is only four years old. Not to be missed is a small but very productive vegetable garden, the only fenced garden on the property. 
  • Trish Suess, 5307 East Rd.
  • Park on the road and walk up the short driveway. There you will lay eyes on an artistically crafted driftwood fence that surrounds the new vegetable garden. In the back yard lies a dense and mature garden that transitions beautifully into the dark forest beyond it. Featuring fruit trees, a small pond, a guest cottage and irregular terraced beds, there is something to see at every turn. Thanks to the former owner’s dedicated gardening, Trish got to enjoy putting her own flair on something already abundant. Charming ornaments in the garden reflect the tasteful Mexico-inspired design details found inside this bright home. 
  • Vivian McMillan and Keith Boutcher
  • Walk down the winding road, across an open field and arrive at a large Victorian style house. Inside, a welcoming open space decorated with pottery and objects from around the world looks out over a porch to a beautiful view of Hornby and the mountains beyond. Deer are free to share the majority of the garden space, which Vivian has created with a palette of deer-resistant, drought-tolerant plants. Extensive gravel gardens keep down weeding and include a stunning grass bed as well as areas featuring a wide selection of euphorbias, alliums and hellebores. A large fenced area protects vegetables and flowers from the deer, and is resplendent with a frog pond and grand arbor. 
  • Anglican Church
  • This summer, this beautiful little wooden church is celebrating 100 years since its opening. Deer-proof, drought-tolerant garden surrounded by cedars and horse chestnuts. Beautiful wooden church with rustic island-inspired décor. Come visit a piece of Denman history and culture. 


Online Ticket Sales This Year!


Tickets $20 from May16th. If you can’t make the whole tour, but would like to visit one or two locations there will be a $5 single location entry fee.

You can purchase tickets online by clicking here.

All proceeds go to the Denman Conservancy Association, a Registered Charity which, with the support of this Tour, has protected over 700 acres of Denman Island.

For complete details, click here!