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Denman Farm Fields by Andrew FysonFarm Fields on Denman Island



Under the auspices of the Denman Island Seniors and Museum Society, and operated by the Friends of the Museum, the Denman Island Museum acquires, preserves, exhibits and interprets material relevant to the human and natural history of Denman Island. All of these materials are available to residents and visitors to access, research and enjoy.

Denman Island MuseumIt was moved to its present location at 1111 Northwest Road (across from the General Store) in 1995.

It’s holdings include depictions of the lives of early settlers and their homes, schools, churches, logging, fishing, farming, businesses, railways, lighthouses, and ships (including ferry service), manuscripts/records including minutes, accounts, etc. of community organizations and schools, maps relating to early settlement of the land and to the marine area.



The Museum is open throughout July and August from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Noon to 3 p.m. on Sundays. For information about the Denman Museum, or to book a tour, contact Jackie Hipwell 250.335.1110 or Linda Schmidt 250.335.3338.

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2012 Titanic Centennial Year – Commemoration of Denman Pioneer…


Hilda Slayter - Denman Island PioneerMiss Hilda Slayter, the daughter of Doctor William Bruce Slayter and musician Clarina Slayter, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 5 April 1882. In pursuit of a singing career, she left home for Italy in 1902 and studied there for seven years before going to England, where she met Harry Reginald Dunbar Lacon of Ottley, the son of a British MP and baron, Sir Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon of Ottley. Harry, who was living on Denman Island off the coast of British Columbia, proposed, and Hilda accepted. While in England shopping for her trousseau, she booked passage home aboard Titanic as a second class passenger. Hilda survived the sinking, although her luxurious trousseau did not, and married Lacon on Denman Island on 1 June 1912. where they lived for over fifty years. Their son, Reginald William Beecroft Lacon distinguished himself in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II He later lived in Norris Castle, East Cowes, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire and it was here that Hilda Mary Lacon (née Slayter) died on 12 April 1965. Her body was returned to the Slayter family plot in Camp Hill cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia for burial. The family name lives on in the name of Lacon Road on Denman’s West side.