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Herring Fisher Off Denman Island by Andrew FysonHerring Fisher Off Denman Island

Ocean Adventure

If you enjoy spending time on the water, a Denman sea kayak experience should not be missed! A popular paddling destination is Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park located off the northern tip of Denman. It is renowned for rare wildlife and plants.


The Thatch Pub on Hornby IslandChrome Island LighthouseKayak on Denman Island BeachView of Sandy Island Provincial Park







For a an actual report on the joys of kayaking around Denman Island, have a look at the blog of Keith & Heather Nicol, who have spent some time here doing just that. Follow this link: http://keithnicol.blogspot.ca/2016/06/sampling-sea-kayaking-and-hiking-on.html


Also referred to as Tree or Seal Island, Sandy Island became a marine park in 1966 when its 81 acres were recognized as a tropical ecosystem in need of protection. The warm water is ideal for swimming, and the beach is comprised mostly of white sand and ancient native midden (shell).

Fires are banned year round and there is no fresh drinking water available on the island, but there is a dedicated camping area nevertheless. Nestled among a beautiful stand of ancient Douglas fir trees, it has picnic tables with award-winning scenery and comfortable places to pitch a tent.

Other popular places to visit by kayak include the Chrome Island petroglyphs off the south tip of Denman Island, and nearby Hornby Island, especially on Friday nights when you can catch some live jazz at the pub on the beach!