Welcoming You to Our Community.

Michael Dennis Sculpture on Denman by Andrew FysonMichael Dennis Sculpture in Village Denman Island

Denman Village



The Heartbeat of the Island

Located a short walk up from the ferry hill, Denman Village stretches from the Denman Island Community Hall on Northwest Road, past the General Store, around the corner onto Denman Road & past Don Luckett’s Pemberton Holmes Realty Office up to the Denman Island Guesthouse & Bistro.


Denman Island Cherry TreesAbraxas Books & Arts

Denman Island General StoreDenman Island Craft Shop 






The Denman Island Community Hall is the spot to catch live music and theatre. Built in 1912, the Hall is a centre of “downtown” activity, and its grounds also host the soccer field, baseball diamond, tennis court, and children’s playground. In addition to the Main Concert Hall, there is also the adjoined “Back Hall”, a smaller, more intimate venue that is used for music and other public gatherings. For entertainment listings, please see Concert Series.

The Denman Island Summer Art Gallery is located in the Denman Island Arts Centre, and opens its doors each July and August for a lively series of summer art exhibitions. The eclectic exhibitions feature an impressive pool of local talent, and openings are held every second Friday at 7:30pm. For the Summer Gallery schedule, please see Arts & Crafts Shops.

Next door to the life-sized wooden sculpture of Denman Dancers on the Denman Island Activity Centre’s (Seniors Hall) lawn, is Abraxas Books and Arts, a delightful store specializing in a wide range of books, art supplies, childrens’ literature and toys, stationary, and featuring island handmade pottery in its Down to Earth Gallery. Abraxas is a great place to pick up a bird watching or mushroom identification guide for your tour of Denman or a Canadian novel for a relaxing read on the beach or at the cottage.

Duck’s Crossing Café has closed unfortunately, but hopefully a new venture will take up residence in the future. You’ll find it next door to the Pemberton Holmes Real Estate & Baynes Sound Insurance offices in the white building with blue trim just up Denman Road from the Arts Centre.

The beautifully revamped Denman Hardware Emporium now offers an in-house café where you’ll find coffee & espresso drinks & light snacks & baked goods as well as most anything a small town hardware could carry.

If you’re looking to buy property on Denman, be sure to drop in to Don Luckett & Shel Brodsgaard’s Pemberton Holmes office, beside the Baynes Sound Insurance office, for a chat or just to pick up a flyer with all the available listings of both homes and acreages on Denman.

After stockpiling treats for your afternoon trek, have a pop over to the Denman Island Craft Shop, home to an ever-evolving collection of local arts and crafts, cooperatively run by a talented group of Denman Island women.

Good to Know!
Denman Island Chocolate sells their organic,  uniquely flavoured chocolate bars at Abraxas Books and Arts, the Denman Craft Shop & the General Store on Denman.

Continue east on Denman Rd. for a glimpse of Island heritage. The Denman Island Guesthouse was built over 100 years ago, and features an incredible Wisteria vine on the front porch dating back to those early days.